Tempcon Group are specialists in temperature controlled transport. We help you tailor a customized solution that optimally meets your specific needs and specifications.


In Tempcon Group's warehouses and terminals, your goods are in safe hands. The goods are handled and stored in premises that comply with the latest legislation and the most stringent requirements for efficiency, hygiene and safety.

Logex logistics extends throughout Sweden
Logex was formed at the turn of the year 2007 and has quickly grown into a strong player with a broad focus on transport, logistics and 3PL. With our six strategically located terminals along the coast of Norrland and our 45 vehicles, we reach the whole of Norrland with our fine-mesh distribution network. As a complement, we also offer several departures a week to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne. In our facilities, we can also offer both warehousing and 3PL solutions. Order picking, repackaging, product inspection and marking are some of the services we perform. We tailor a package solution for your specific needs. A solution that can include both transport and warehousing solutions. We keep our promises and we never turn off the phones.

Close to the customer
Our goal is to work in a close relationship with our customers. Our staff will handle a small number of customers to get a good knowledge of needs and wishes. Long-term collaborations with satisfied customers are the best marketing we can get and the basis for that is presence, commitment and credibility.

With the environment in focus
Our vehicle fleet is modern and equipped with the latest technology in terms of follow-up. In this way we get good control over consumption, service intervals and the general status of the vehicles. This, combined with targeted training efforts for our 90 employees with a focus on creating understanding and knowledge about, among other things, sustainable driving, has over the years saved us tens of thousands of liters of fuel and with that also reduced emissions.

For us, the traffic environment is also of the utmost importance. We equip all our trucks with alcolocks and ensure that the vehicles are serviced to avoid damage and incidents as far as possible. We believe that we, as a professional player in traffic, together with our colleagues, have a great responsibility to ensure that our employees, fellow road users and others who move in the traffic environment are safe. This will be done, among other things, by us actively working with preventive work and training efforts to keep accidents at as low a level as possible.


Björn Lindbäck

Manager Umeå +46 (0)90-10 00 66

Fredrik Moe

Manager Sundsvall +46 (0)90-10 00 66



+46 (0)90-10 00 66

Terminal Umeå

Tel.+46 (0)90-20 66 115

Kabelvägen 2, 901 31 Umeå
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Monday - Thursday : 07.00 - 01.30
Friday : 07.00 - 17.00
Sunday : 16.00 - 01.00

Terminal Sundsvall

Tel.+46 (0)60-701 85 89

Norra vägen 12, 856 50 Sundsvall
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Monday - Friday : 07.00 - 16.00

Whistleblower channel

HERE you will find information about our whistleblower channel and how we handle whistleblower matters. You can also submit a case via the link HERE.